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Remmorchant (lvl 130) - PART 2

Date: Jul 31, 2022
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Jimi
Category: Raids
This is a new raid in Minas Morgul! It takes place in SHELOB'S LAIR! How cool is that?!

Usually, we do raids on Friday night, but Remmorchant's locks reset on Saturday morning server time, so we will do it on Saturday evening instead. If we cannot finish on Saturday, we will have another chance to complete the raid on Sunday!

This is the sign-up sheet for Sunday's group. Be sure to sign up for both if you can!
Tank (1)

1. Jimi Guardian

Damage (2)

2. Ardith Captain

4. Anniee Hunter

Support (1)

3. Dennathlas Lore-master


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If we complete Remmorchant on Saturday, we will try another new raid on Sunday instead: The Fall of Khazad-dum!
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