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Our kinship uses Discord, a voice and text chat application popular among gamers.

Discord provides clearer audio than in-game chat. (It automatically adjusts volume etc. better than the in-game chat does). I believe it also might cause less lag. One nice thing about Discord chat is that it is not connected to LOTRO chat, so if you're disconnected from the game you can easily let everyone know what's going on.

Discord also has text chat features, so you can keep in touch with the kin outside of the game.

So, how do you set up Discord?

First, download the application at:

Next, create an account. Please make your nickname the same as your in-game character's name so that we know who you are! If you already have a Discord account with a different name, that's okay! An officer can change your nickname especially for the Mithril League server.

Log into the kin website and click the "Join us on Discord" link on the right side of the page. Leave a message in the #start here channel and an officer will give you access to the member channels.

If you'd like to learn more about how to use Discord and have a visual for how it works, I found this helpful video:
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