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With raiding underway (at least this Friday) and level 130 coming up, I thought I'd give a reminder on essence choice so you can get the most out of your precious essences, especially with how scarce they are at level 120!

Not all essences are perfect, in fact, some are quite bad compared to others! For people wondering what essences to choose, here is a general list:

Always BAD Essences:
  • Might
  • Agility
  • Will
  • Fate
  • Block
  • Parry
  • Evade
  • Resistance
  • Maximum power

For all of the above, there are always better options. Here are some good essences and when you might use them:
  • Mastery (physical or tactical): To boost your mastery stat to near the cap (~190% unbuffed and unboosted by % traits)
  • Vitality: to increase your morale. Some bosses/encounters have "health checks" where you must meet a minimum amount of morale or you will die/get one shot. Plus, an alive [tank, DPS, healer] is more useful than a dead one! This is often the best filler essence when you have reached your other stat targets. I have found gear often brings me up to the mastery/crit/finesse cap.
  • Finesse: This is actually one of the most useful stats for tanks, DPSers, and support (yellow LM, burglar, yellow Beorning healer). Often you get enough from gear, though. But if not, this is the most important essence to get to cap first.
  • Critical rating: Another essence to boost DPS. For most classes, this would be best to fill in after your mastery (and finesse). Something such as yellow Beorning healer may find this to be one of the best essences for them!
  • Outgoing Healing: Same for healers as DPS with mastery - use this to boost your master near the cap.
  • Tactical Mitigation: Can be useful to boost survivability if you need more!

Finally, there as some solidly meh essences where you ideally should always have a better option:
  • Incoming Healing
  • Critical Defence
  • Physical Mitigation
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