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#14943733 Mar 12, 2022 at 05:23 AM · Edited 5 months ago
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Hello Everyone--

We've made a lot of progress on the new Anvil raid. Last night we got to the third boss... and ALMOST won! I know we'll get it next time.

Update: On March 26, the Mithril League completed the Anvil raid. Hooray! :) It was so exciting and rewarding to learn this instance and beat it.

I thought I'd make a short guide for this instance based on everything we've learned so far. I tried to make it as bare-bones as possible and only talk about the main mechanics as I saw them. If you see a sentence that can be deleted to make it more concise, let me know. 😂
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Boss 1 - Isvítha the Gluttonous

This boss is a dragon!

Everyone except the tank should stand in this blue icy area in the snow near where the boss comes out at the back of the "room." I've marked this area with a red circle! The tank should be with the boss (green).

If one tank can hold everything, great! If not, have a second tank control the adds.

The boss occasionally puts a purple eye on one player and chases them. If you get the eye, run in circles around the blue icy area where everyone is standing. If the boss catches you, you will be gobbled up (=one-shotted)!

Sometimes, the boss will do a belly flop on the group. If you are under her, you will die!
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Boss 2 - Thirteen Dwarf Kings

There are thirteen dwarf wights each with its own special abilities, but you will only have to fight 3-5 of them. We found it worked out well if we had one tank hold aggro on the current target, while another tank kept the other dwarves off to the side.

One guide recommends the kill order below. If a specific dwarf is giving you trouble, you can learn about their individual quirks here:

1. Ingor
2. Rurek
3. Stoneface
4. Dobruz
5. Luvek
6. Brunek
7. Mozun
8. Oiko II Rill-Seeker
9. Dobruz II Stark-heart
10. Oiko I The Bellower
11. Kuzek
12. Brantokh
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Boss 3 - Vethúg and Karazgar

Phase 1

In Phase One, Karazgar is riding on top of Vethúg the dragon.

Tanks: Two or three tanks will juggle aggro. The boss puts an incoming damage debuff on whoever has aggro. The debuff gets worse the longer you hold aggro. When the debuff reaches tier 2 or 3, another tank should take aggro. It takes one minute for the debuff to reset to 0.

Everyone else: Stand relatively close behind the boss. Sometimes, someone will get a purple eye. The boss will turn to breathe ice on you and everyone near you. Run in front of the boss with the tank if you get the purple eye.

Icicles: At about 50 million HP, you will be able to shoot icicles on the ceiling. You can see their shadows on the floor. The tanks should make the boss stand in the shadow under an icicle. The group will shoot that icicle until it falls on the boss. Drop three icicles on the boss to complete Phase 1.

Phase 2

At the beginning of Phase 2, you will be out of combat for a short time. This is a great opportunity to use out-of-combat rezzes on the fallen, replenish food and scrolls, and change your class traits.

In Phase 2, Karazgar will dismount Vethug, and you will fight them separately. One tank should keep the dragon in the back of the room (north side) near the gold. The other tank should keep Karazgar off to the side away away from Vethug. If they are close, they will get a buff.

Each boss will drop "spots" on the ground that do damage. They stack quickly, so the tank should not move around too much. If possible, wait until you have two spots down before moving, and even then don't move too far. Try to plan ahead!

Karazgar does Common damage. The longer you have aggro, he will stack an incoming common damage debuff on you.

Vethug does Frost damage. The longer you have aggro, he will stack an incoming Frost damage debuff on you.

The tanks should trade aggro whenever these debuffs reach about Tier 3.
#14947192 Mar 28, 2022 at 11:59 AM
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Boss 4 - Hrimil

This boss is an ancient and powerful dragon!

Phase 1
At the beginning of the fight, the boss will stun everyone and piles of snow will drop from the ceiling. Hide behind the snow pile, or else you will be one-shotted by the dragon's ice breath attack. This attack will repeat several times during the fight. Always be ready to run and hide behind a snow pile.

After the ice breath attack, the snow piles will break down and you can approach the boss.

If you stand behind the boss, you will get swiped by her tail! So everyone should bunch up close next to the boss's front left foot. The boss will periodically drop ice spikes on someone. When that happens, the tank should move a bit to the left so the boss' left foot is outside of the ice spikes.

Phase 2
Once the boss reaches a certain % of health, Phase 2 will begin. Everyone should head to the south side of the platform. Wait, and you will automatically be pushed off. Run down the tunnel as fast as you can---the dragon is chasing you and you have a limited time to escape! The path will fork at one point. Half the group should go left. The other half should go right. There is an ice grim down each path that must be defeated in order to escape. Be sure to interrupt the grim's induction skill.
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